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Updated: December 27, 2020

Holy Wishbook, Batman!

Classic Plastick presents our custom 1966 TV Batman action figure face mask, representing the classic portrayal of the Caped Crusader by Adam West. For the do-it-yourself-er, here is the likeness of the Caped Crusader's secret identity, millionaire Bruce Wayne, hand cast and hand painted in durable colorfast rubber; part of our complete Bat-ensemble for the serious TV Batman collector.

One piece lavender Batsuit with die-cut vinyl Bat-emblem w/ matching navy satin Bat-trunks Navy satin Batcape with hook-and-eye closure, just like the real thing!

Batgloves and Batboots in durable, colorfast rubber Batarang with attached Batrope Exclusive TV Batcowl full head mask zowie!!! All designed for the 12" figure- thhh-whack!!! Every stitch and detail is carefully crafted to be the best homage to the TV hero you can lay your Bat-gloved hands on! Pow!!!

It's sure to enhance your custom TV Batman figure!

Value: $35.

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