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Updated: December 28, 2020

The 1966 Batmobile Elite Edition Highly Detailed Collector Piece:

The 60's TV version Batmobile: Elite issue - made by Mattel. Elite issue is more detailed than the standard issue, with opening features, and fewer made.

The Comic Con Flocked Batmobiles are going for up to $700! This will look much nicer in gloss black and all those details you wanted to touch as a kid watching the caped crusader and the boy wonder. This will be a centerpiece to any Bat-collection.

Features: Opening Hood & Doors. Bat-tastic Mattels Move Into Upscale Quality. Bat-tle royale This offering is for the Hobby ELITE Edition Bat-ilicious Super detailed with an extensive amount of photoetched and multi-surfaced parts. Holy bat-vision, there's more!

Value: $500-Up.

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