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Updated: August 10, 2023

The center of some of the most popular comic books, cartoons, television shows, and films, it goes without saying that Batman is one of the most recognizable pop culture icons of all time. Batman action figures are among the most produced in the history of the hobby and have been a source of nostalgia for collectors as well as non-collectors since the 1970s.

Over the years, DC Comics has licensed their iconic property to very few manufacturers. Mego Toys, in 1972, was the first company to produce superhero action figures and they helped draw the blueprint for the development, packaging, and marketing of action figures for the future. Batman was included in every single superhero product Mego ever produced and is, naturally, one of the most collectible characters among Megos many products. There is no shortage of eBay listings for Mego figures but high quality, authentic, action figures are going to cost you.

Mego Worlds Greatest Super Heroes in time for Christmas 1972, Mego took the bodies of their Action Jackson action figures, swapped out the heads, dressed them in what can only be described as a one-piece footie pajama outfit, and launched them as the Worlds Greatest Super Heroes. Batman, as was the norm for virtually all Mego releases, is among the first wave of figures released in this line. The first release of the Batman action figures included a removable cowl while later versions went with the ( cheaper ) painted on cowl.

Also notable is that Batman is one of the only heroes in this line to have oven mitts for gloves because, by 1974, Mego had switched to painted hands or molded gloves. Designed in the fashion of the 1966 Batman costume, there are several variations in costume design, fabric color, head molds, cowls, and packaging. Several head molds were put on the Batman figure and there are at least two versions of his boots, gloves, and utility belt. The bat emblem worn on his chest has minor design variants and his shorts come in different materials. Certain releases have capes that appear more purple than blue and the cut of those capes varies throughout the years.

The original figure was released in a solid box but would eventually be released in the window box as well as blister pack. There are several international versions available as well as a "Kung Fu Action" Fist Fighting figure.

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