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Updated: July 18, 2023

One-of-a-kind 1:6 scale Batman Batcave Diorama with Prototypes ( Hot Toys, 2016 ). Caped Crusader fans will instantly recognize this classic setting from the 1966 Batman TV show... the Bat Cave! Meticulously recreated by a talented team of artists and craftsmen, this one-of-a-kind diorama was created to be displayed publicly at the Batman 100% Hot Toys Exhibition in September of 2016. This date coincided with the release of the first Suicide Squad movie in Tokyo and lasted for 2 weeks.

The diorama measures 9' wide by 5' deep by 4' tall and includes an impressive number of custom-made pieces, not the least of which is the pre-production '66 Batmobile that was first displayed at San Diego Comic-con in 2012. While initially planned for a full release by Hot Toys, this Batmobile has yet to be available, making it the only one produced to date by the company.

The stone cave walls are the base of this setting with an Atomic Generator set in the back wall, two large pipes flanking it on either side. While the Bat-boat sits in the rear grotto, a variety of machines often employed in the TV show fill the room. In the center, a crescent-shaped stand with four unique Bat-suits brings to life the cover of Detective Comics #165 - "The Strange Costumes of Batman!"

Everything pictured is included. The Batcave walls are constructed of foam and the floor is plywood-based. The computers and scanners can be wired underneath and hooked up to an electrical box that is included but was not connected or tested at the time of photography. The Bat-boat with trailer and stand are custom pieces used for this setting but were not created by Hot Toys artists. The four Bat-suits are one of 2 sets in existence, each with their own sign describing the suits origin. And as previously mentioned, the Batmobile is one-of-a-kind and served as a prototype shown at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012.

Standing in front of this impressive diorama gives you the feeling that you are in the presence of something truly special. It transports you back to a simpler time of youth where you became vested in the fate of your favorite heroes versus the over-the-top villains they faced every week. This is the piece that begs to be at the center of your Batman collection.

Value: $10,000.

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