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Updated: September 07, 2015

The costumed crimefighter of Gotham City. In most episodes he was usually put in a terrible situation and had to use his special skills to escape the clutches of death. He led a dual life as millionaire Bruce Wayne. He was the American answer to James Bond with a Batcave, Batmobile, and a unending trove of special gadgets used to combat crime.

In the series the role was played by Adam West. Everyone who has watched the show knows him and his distinctive voice . Most people don't know is that when the role was being cast in addition to Adam West, another actor was considered, his name was Lyle Waggoner who later was on the Wonder Woman series.

Adam West was born in Wala Wala Washington in 1928. He began in show biz as a TV announcer in Sacramento, CA after leaving Stanford University. He married his first wife when he was 17 years old he later divorced six years later. He was a disc jockey in Hawaii then made his move to Hollywood.

His movie performances have been minor however he enjoyed great success as Robert Taylor's co-star in
The Detectives,' before he went on to the title role in the Batman' series. He originally had planned to be a western star, however, Batman came along in 1966 and changed his life.

In The Saturday Evening Post in 1966 Adam West said, " I want to do it well enough that Batman buffs will watch re-runs in a few years and say, Watch the bit he does here, isn't that great? " His words rang true, Batfans thirty years later still enjoy the show.

An interview with Adam in 1966 about the pressures of appearing in a series that aired twice a week: The demands are so inordinate that I must get away from it all every weekend at the beach. I'm not Superman said West with a sigh. I'm just a Batman. How long will I stay with the show ? As long as the quality level and the kooky aspects are maintained. Batman is a projection of James Bond, only more far out. It's a craze-wave phenomenon. It's hard work. I'm earning my money. On a shooting day, we shoot every day, except weekends. I work from 7 in the morning to as late as 10 and 12 at night. The show you saw last night, was rushed by jet to New York with the print still wet. We won't have the regular summer hiatus. We have to get some shows behind us. The things I have to do. Today I'm working in a chimney full of gas."

I think Adam West did a great job at the role, his delivery and style added to the attraction of the show. After the show was over unfortunately, Mr. West was type cast. He then started making personal appearances and still does to this day. He also has appeared on such shows as Bevis and Butthead, Nurses, Tales from the Crypt, Emergency and a few more. I find it hard myself not to connect him with the Batman Show, but all in all I thought he was a very talented actor.

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