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Updated: March 10, 2021

Actor Billy Mumy as Will Robinson. "Biography"

William Edward Robinson Birthplace: San Gabriel, California Birthday: February 1, 1987 Height: 4'3" Weight: 60 Pounds Eyes: Blue Hair: Reddish Blonde Hobbies: Electronics, Science Ficition, Rock Music. The world's youngest astronaut was born on February 1, 1987, shortly after his family moved to San Gabriel. John & Maureen had agreed to limit their family to three children, & perhaps for that reason, Will took a special place in the Robinson home & in the hearts of his parents. Certainly that had no reason to be disappointed with the boy, who, by the age of five, was being called "the Little Genius" in reference to his inordininately high I.Q. (182 at the time of the Jupiter-2 liftoff).

Will's love of adventure & inquisitive nature have often put the boy in peril during his first three years in space. But at the same time, his intelligence & common sense have saved the group of pioneers on more than one occasion. Probably more so than any other member of the crew, Will has adapted very well to his uncertain environment in space. Whether it be handling their survival on an unknown planet, or dealing with hostile aliens, he always seems to handle the situation with ease. It is easy to see that as Will grows & matures, he will become an increasingly important asset to the Jupiter-2 expedition. (Reference Used, Reference Manuual by William Anchors & Gary Stork 1988) "I wish to thank Mike Suzor for the additional photos of Bill. These were taken at a convention in the mid 1980's and come from Mike's personal collection!"

Many thanks to Philip Charette of Placida Flordia for sending me the 3 contact sheets of Billy Mumy. These were from his personal collection, and was sent to me for everyone to enjoy. These contact sheets were sent to Bill's club members in the late 1960's, and many of these photos have never been seen before. Many thanks philip, it is very much appreciated.

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