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Updated: February 18, 2021

"Creature from the Black Lagoon"

Classic horror movies are loads of fun. Especially when they are good enough to keep you freaked out for weeks. Keep that wonderful feeling forever when you display "Creature from the Black Lagoon" by EsQui! This original painting is ready to hang on your wall now with no need for framing. It is from EsQui's exclusive "Friday13 Series".

Comments From the artist regarding this piece:

"A request came in a few weeks ago for an EsQui of the Creature of the Black Lagoon. Here it is, all painted and ready to stare out from your wall. In the old monster movies, it was always so exciting to finally get a good look at the monster. By the time they showed it, I was desperate for it, which may have influenced me to paint them to be able to look as long as I want. I hope you like it! Notice the trails of wispy and watery tentacles that I painted behind the creatures head. If he doesn't grab you, they will. Thanks for all your letters and pics! Happy Friday13!"


Decor Tip from the Artist:

This piece is perfect for a neighborhood fishstore that sells weird creatures of the deep. Hang it near a tank with an octopus in it and illuminate it with light reflections from rippling water. Occasionally show the creature pictures of bikini beach girls, because that's what he likes.

Title: Creature from the Black Lagoon Details:

Beautiful, vibrant, 9"x12", original acrylic and mixed-media painting on canvas and stretcher bars, ready to hang with no framing needed. This piece is from EsQui's exclusive 2005 "Friday13 Series."

About the Artist:

EsQui brings new life to a pop art tradition that is already decades old. With vibrant colors, acrylics, linocuts, woodcuts, inks, and watercolors, he explores current cultural fads that peak his interests, while also reaching back to recover his favorites from bygone eras. EsQui has a B.A. from Columbia College in Chicago, where he was born and still lives. He has published several books, and is currently producing music and films, as well as more art. His works have been collected worldwide.

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