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Updated: January 24, 2022

Attached are pictures I would like to share of a model I completed of the C57D from Polar Lights. I put all the work into building a kit that was free of exterior seams and was fully lighted in the motor section (although this detail was unfortunately was washed out by the lighting I used in the pictures).

My intent was to build an exterior display prop. This is probably the largest model I have even assembled thus far. The interior contains batteries and wires, and the saucer sections of the kit were reinforced to making handling and moving easier. The PL kit is extremely large (probably a bit too big for proper display in most homes), but this adds to making it a nice prop-sized replica.

I have a smaller vacu-form kit that I also plan to build and detail, and I hope to have more C57D pictures in the future.

Please enjoy...

Jim Crompton

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