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Updated: April 23, 2021

I am 40 years old and have been modeling for about 35 years now. I learn a little something new with every project. I have a fantastic wife and 3 wonderful children, 24, 18 and 15. I am an industrial electrician. I mostly model sci-fi subjects. This SPINDRIFT is my first attempt at such a large scale project. I am currently getting set up to work on a studio scale version of the LIS Space Pod. Will send along some pictures when I get it finished.

About the Spinfrift:

I have always thought that the Spindrift was a beautiful design. it just looked fast setting there. The only models around were the Aurora/Monogram kit and Lunar Models version, both of which I thought were too small for such a wonderful ship. I decided to attempt a large scale version. I wanted to do it up to about the size of the original studio prop, so after finding some pictures, I settled on around 3 ft long. I had a set of fan produced 3 view drawings that I purchased almost 15 years ago. I brought these out and scaled them up to the size I wanted. This made the ship 42 inches from the tip of the fin to the tip of the nose. The hull was carved out of green florist foam, overlaid with fiberglass. After I had the hull almost complete, I located some great blueprints on eBay by Fred Barr. These proved invaluable for detailing the interior.

Materials used include plastic knitting needles for the passenger seats, plastic gutter guard for the intake and exhaust vents, and foam for the pilot and copilot couches the plastic I used came from a shower surround that I purchased at a local hardware store. A hand full of model parts were used for some small details on the interior. Most of the items were hand carved to match up to photos and drawings.

I learned a great deal of new tricks while working on this project. It was completed in time for Wonderfest in Louisville, Ky. this year. Wonderfest is one of the largest Science fiction, fantasy, and horror model show in north America. The Spindrift took a silver award in my category. It has also been posted on the Cult TV Man site with a build up article on the techniques used. This has allowed me to meet many new friends and fans of Irwin Allen.

About the Icarus:

Here's a couple of shots of the Icarus I've been working on. This is the smaller one of the two. (would that make it Icari?) This one is 23 1/2 inches long, making it around 1/22nd scale. This one is kind of a test for the larger one. It'll be the same scale, but will have the after booster section added to it, making it come to 48 inches. Should have it done for Wonderfest this coming year. I think that I'll have enough time to also build out a complete interior. Note: The "Icarus" ship was from the original "Planet of the Apes" film starring Charleston Heston!

About the Aurora FS1:

Just wanted to drop you a picture of a small project I'm working on. This is the Aurora FS1 kit. I'm trying to correct the interior. When I get it finished it will have lights under the floor plates, lighted wall panels, working forward spot lights, as well as a pulsating lighted reactor wall. I'll send along some more pictures as work progresses.

About Space 1999:

Hey gang, Here are a couple of shots of my latest project. It is a studio scale laser tank from a Space 1999 episode. It is built on the chassis of a 1/25 th scale British Chieftain tank. Made molds off of some of the kit parts to have enough to finish it up. Seems they used 3 tank kits for the show, making three different styles.

The command section is carved from foam and has been fiberglassed already. It still has to be cut to the final shape and have the viewports cut and detailing put on.

More to come as it get's closer of being completed here!

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