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Updated: May 14, 2022

This is an original complete set of 8 Movie lobby cards, not reproductions! They were used in a theatre to promote the engagement of this Motion Picture in 1957!

This Set of 8 11 x 14" Movie Items:

I was a Teenage Frankenstein (AKA: Teenage Frankenstein) U.S. Lobby Cards NSS# 57 / 600 American International Pictures 1957

The Lobby Card set is in excellent condition! Minor corner and edge wear. There are staple holes in all four corners of #s 5-6-7 & 8. An approx. 1" angled tear in left edge of #4 ; a light dent scrape and an extra staple hole in the left red area of #8 ; a tape-repaired (on the back) top left corner and an approx. 1/2" x 1/8" staple tear at top right corner of #5.

Pictured: This amazing set of cards from the camp / cult classic sequel to AIP's earlier hit I was a Teenage Werewolf features some great images of the film's stars Whit Bissel, Phllis Coats, (one of the Lois Lanes on the 50's TV Superman Show), Robert Burton, and buff-bodied Gary Conway (later of TV's Land of the Giants) as the Monster - who is seen in six of the eight cards!

Conway's Frankenstein is seen terrorizing a woman in her bedroom, attacking teenagers in their hot rods, spying through a window, driving around with Bissell and leaning against a door in the lab additional images show Bissell & Coates displaying a newspaper headline ("Police press search for the girl killer!") and lab assistant Burton leading police into the laboratory.

The terrific artwork in the left and bottom border of all the cards features the poster's famous close-up of the Monster's face, a sketch of the monster carrying a girl and the great, stylized title logo!

The affectionately-regarded entry in the AIP / Herman Cohen horror film series (which included the above-mentioned Teenage Werewolf, How to Make a Monster, Horrors of the Black Museum and Konga) is directed by, Herbert L. Strock.

Value: $600-Up.

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