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Updated: July 21, 2021

I hope that you like my pictures of my custom made 8 inch action figures of the Land of the Giants crew and passengers? I began making the costumes in 1999 I finished the last costume in 2001, it was hard work but I kept at it. Took me one whole day to make each costume, Valeries dress was real hard because I had to find the fabric that was close to her dress on the series. Betty's skirt gave me a bunch of problems because it's a wrap skirt. I was going to make the jacket to go along with the skirt but I ran out of fabric. I plan on re-doing the skirt and jacket so that she would have a complete uniform. I also found a fat body for Fitzugh so there might be some upgrading on his out fit.

I am a film maker and I did have plans on making a stop motion animated live action film on Land of the Giants. In one story the earthlings was going to do battle with SID androids there size. also Dan and the others are going to rescue a black woman that was captured by the androids from a previous crash and she is going to be a regular with the crew and passengers of the Spindrift. I have at least 13 androids plus the black woman figure whos going to be Dans love. when I met Don Marshall and Deanna Lund I told them of my idea and he smiled and said, that's great! Deanna and Don was amazed at my photos. I have plans of the Spindrift enlarged to the scale of my 8 inch figures. I'm gathering the materials I need so that I can start my project. The interior is going to be seperate from the Spindrift so that when I film or take photos I will be able to do so.

I've dreamed of doing this project since I was a child watching Land of the Giants on television. Hopefully I will pull it off. I will be sending more pictures and additional info etc. in the weeks to follow.


Greg Whaley

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