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Updated: July 26, 2021

Shown here is a very rare complete set of 55 Land of the Giant's uncut trading cards still attached to the original printing sheet. The cards in them self are very rare, and was very limited in 1968. But the uncut sheet, that's unthinkable. I would like to thank my friend Brian of Roseville California for sharing this rare item with all of us. (Sorry for the reflection on the cards. The cards have a bright color finish to them, and hard to obtain a good clear photo of the cards.

Topps 1968 Land of the Giant's Uncut Proof Sheet. Direct from Topps legendary Vault, this two-sided color correction proof sheet is in very good condition. This seldom seen sheet measures apx. 22" x 28" and shows the usual wear associated with uncut sheets, including some edge, corner and surface wear. There is no sheet code visible. Although, this important sheet is dated in red ink 9/27/69 For years, collectors have deemed this sci-fi card series one of the toughest modern trading card sets to complete. In fact, just owning a type card from this set is considered an accomplishment.

This sheet contains the entire 55-card Test set. Topps released this delightful treasure of a product on a very limited "Test" basis in the fall of 1968. This actual work in progress production item features corrective notations inscribed in red ink. The colorful comic-style reverse has corrective notations inscribed in blue ink.

Value: $2000-Up

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