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Updated: August 03, 2021

The Aurora/Polar Lights Land of the Giant's Snake Scene is the coolest, but to some fans there always seemed to be something missing? Namely, the rest of the crew and passengers! Included are Steve and Dan (in uniforms) and Betty (short hair) but where are Mark, Barry, Valerie, Fitzhugh and of course Chipper?

This is an unpainted resin kit including four figures and dog with a base that slides up against the existing base to create a virtually seamless extended base. The base texture matches the original perfectly, with a 'log' for the little people to hide behind (and conceal the seam.)

There's Mark (with his handy thread-rope) reaching for Betty, Fitzhugh with his paunch and Valerie in her boots and mini-dress, and Barry trying to get Chipper back. Figures can be placed anywhere on the base.

This is a resin kit cast in bright white odorless resin. It requires minimal cleanup and painting.

Many thanks to Charles Hroch of New Jeresey for this great additional to this model kit!

Value: $25.

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