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Updated: August 31, 2021

"Land of the Giant's" Gary Conway Costume Design Copy Hand-colored, framed (no glass), Spindrift Pilot costume design.

Here's a very interesting production related piece of memorabilia from the classic Irwin Allen Television series Land of the Giants". It's a framed (no glass) over-sized copy of design sketch, of the Captain's red Spindrift Pilot costume, worn on the show by actor Gary Conway.

Although this is not the original, it is a hand-colored copy of the original. We did not hand-color this piece, it was done sometime ago, possibly by the original illustrator, the legendary Paul Zastupnevich.

The over-sized copy has a variety of annotations written all over it (as seen on the original). The title of the series "Land of the Giants!" was traced over with an ink pen and the costume portion was hand-colored a burgandy red, with its turtleneck 2-shades of blue. The classic Spindrift logo was hand-colored orange. The face in 2-shades of pink, and the hair colored black. The reverse side of the pilot's jacket is also hand-colored as well as the detail of a jacket sleeve and an epilet.

The costume notes by Zastupnevich are fascinating to read. And include the following:

* Use cream white military gaberdine and dye to cherry red maroon for Gary Conway and grey for Don Marshall. Check with cameraman on colors. * Shoulder boards to accentuate broad shoulders. * Gray turtleneck cashmere sweater * Action pleats * Patch utility pocket * 2 Vip darts for sleek smooth fanny * Side pocket only on the right side (merely) for the actor to carry lunch money and keys. Let's keep the line sleek and mean! * Taper leg to 16" to accentuate the lean * Press knife pleats in front and back * Pleats side detail - tailor open cuff up to 6" for ease to get in and out of. * Boots sharply polished

The original artwork for this piece was sold at auction in 2003. We believe this was a copy made during pre-production to experiment with colors for the costume. If you've visited our Irwin Allen auctions in the past, you have seen numerous original Land of the Giants pencil blueprint drawings, etc. In overall excellent condition. Sides were folded at one point to fit into frame. The glass was broken in the frame, so it has been removed. The piece has been lightly taped to its backing board, but can be removed. Would look excellent with proper matting, possibly in another frame with a photo of Gary Conway.

Value: $500. (Original) $30. (Copy)

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