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Updated: August 31, 2021

Here for the first time anywhere on the internet are original photos of the Land of the Giant's Spindrift model prop, & studio set from the TV series. This 4 foot minature is owned by a private collector, and was in need of restoration. The prop as with many of Irwin Allen's production items laided in storage at the 20th Century back lot for many years. Later many of these props were just tossed into the garage with no internet to the studio. Thanks to individuals such as Greg Jein, Kevin Burns, and others of value interest, some of these props have remained in the hands of serious collectors.

As you can see here, the Spindrift was later restored to it beauty and magic it onces had. The prop was on display at the Pasadena Convention in California in 1997. Note the two "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" uniform Navy jackets. Funny, I now own these two costumes years later after these photos were taken! This prop was used for the pilot of the series in 1968, and was used for scenes such as, approaching the greenish / blue alien planet, and crashing through the giant trees and plants on wires. The boy shown here was a promotional shot for the show, in which Irwin Allen used his nephew.

Also shown here are very rare photos of the interior of the spacecraft. Including control panels, passenger area, and the cockpit area after the show was cancelled by the ABC television network in 1969. I obtained these photos from a eBay seller. Many thanks to, "Phil Broad" for allowing us permission to display these photos on our website, for the fans enjoyment.

Update sent by Mark Dorais:

I was reading the caption underneath the images of the original Spindrift miniature and wanted to make you aware of some errors in the statement. I have collected quite a few photos of the original Spindrift prop through the years and always keep an eye out for new photos. On eBay I came across a sale of a CD which claimed to be photos of the model. Unfortunately they had the imformation only partially correct.

The only true original Models made for the series was the one shown sitting on the pavement with no hull detailing. And the shots of the brighter orange one sitting on a table at a Pasedena Star Trek Convention several years ago. This model is the only one that has appeared on the show. The other beat up one, rescued by Greg Jein from the trash, never did. On this CD it showed other photos of a supposedly restored Spindrift with a built up interior. This in fact is only one of Lunar Models built up kits!

The original Spindrift filming miniature, which is approximately 3 and a half feet long, is owned by Jim latta: former President of the ill-fated Icons replicas. To the best of my knowledge, he still owns it. Hope this is useful to you.

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