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Updated: September 01, 2021

Land of the Giant's Huge Tree Pencil Blueprint, Original!

Hand-drawn Pencil Rendering of Set of Giant Tree measures a huge, 36" by 36"! Original Production drawing from August 7th, 1967 by 20th Century Fox Art Department.

Here's a very nice production artifact from the classic Irwin Allen Science Fiction / Action Adventure Television Series, Land of the Giant's.

This is an over-sized Irwin Allen hand-drawn pencil production blueprint, drafted 40 years ago during the pre-production phase of the set construction of the main stage set for the classic television series, on stage #19 at 20th Century Fox Studios in Southern California.

This 36" by 36" vintage hand-drawn original blueprint illustration, which is dated August 7th, 1967. It depicts an overview of a giant 42 ft. tree scaled 3/4" = 1 ft. from the overscaled forest. There are some great instructions and information indicated on the blueprint including:

* Stage 19, Detail #1 Overscale Tree * Plan Overscale Tree * Scale 2/4" = 1' * Make Tree wild (movable) in sections. See A.D. * See photos for bark texture * Open Under * 2 ft. grid

The blueprint data chart indicates the blueprint as being from: Production: # A-2499 Set # A 2499-08 Picture: The Land of the Giant's Set: EXT. Overscale forest Director: I. Allen Art Director: R. Maus Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Original production blueprints are difficult enough to obtain, however, finding pencil drawn original illustrations that created blueprints are even more difficult and scarcely seen.

Note: Please see the pictures depicted above for item condition. As you can see the piece has aged from almost 4 decades of storage and was stained, has some water marks etc. from being on set. We actually prefer the natural,"weathered look" of pieces like this because they show their age and usage during a production.

Blueprints were practical in nature...they were never meant to be "preserved." There is some small creases, dings, a small tear bottom-middle of edge. But this piece would still look amazing matted and framed with an image of the Land of The Giant's wonderful oversized forest set.

This is a wonderful piece of historical Television memorabilia from a genuine cult-classic series. An investment quality museum piece.

Look behind the Spindrift in the photo above...see the giant tree in the background? Now, measure the scale of the Spindrift in your the Giant Tree in the background ....and then the Giant Tree depicted in the pencil blueprint drawing. The scales line-up perfectly!

The scale reference indicated on the blueprint shows the tree to be around 16 to 20 feet in diameter. Also it was just brought to our attention that the surrounding areas of the Giant Tree drawing, depict the trees leaves and branches and possibly the foliage and the lay-out of paths etc. below around the Spindrift crash site. This would have possibly been used by the 20th Century Fox "Greens department" to landscape the set, creating the amazing LOTG Giant Forest set.

Value: $1,000-Up.

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