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Updated: June 18, 2020

As with all weekly TV-shows the networks promoted there programs by means of 8x10 photos and studio letters or header cards. Normally, they would promote the next weeks show by highlighting the new episode, guest stars, or the regular cast members. These would be sent out to local sponsors, advertisers, and fans that wrote to the studios and stars. These are great collectible items to obtain. The value of these items depends on the condition of the photos, and studio paper. Most of these are written on, or paper has dis-colored over the years.

Land of The Giants ABC 20th Century Fox TV Network Press Material. 1968. This original studio press material features four black and white original press photos, six pages of press information regarding the show's concept, fact sheets, biographies of the cast (Gary Conway, Kurt Kasznar, Don Matheson, Stefan Arngrim, Don Marshall, Deanna Lund, Heather Young), behind-the-scenes production information, and background on producer Irwin Allen.

Value: $20-Up

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