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Updated: June 29, 2021

In the first several episodes of the series, during daylight hours at the spaceship campsite, the sound of tropical birds can be heard. This was an obvious mistake on the part of the sound editor - on seeing the abundant foliage around the campsite, he probably assumed that the ship had crashed in a jungle setting (as per the series it was established as a giant city park). This sound track was removed in later first season episodes.

In the first episode, the Spindrift departed from New York on its flight to London. In later episodes, the departing city is changed to Los Angeles.

Also shown here are sneek peaks of Land of the Giants being made for the pilot episode, "The Crash". You can see Producer/creator/director on the set working with the cast members. He was involved in everything from, writing, storyboarding, meetings, set designs, direction, and everything else that put this show on the airwaves. These are very rare sceens, and some of the footage was taken directly from Irwin Allen's home movies.

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