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Updated: July 12, 2021

From deep space plunged through a space warp to The Crash on the land of the giants, seven people and a dog must learn to fight for survival. Stunned, they have hardly any time to adjust to this oversized nightmare when they are faced with being run over by a giant car and having their spacecraft picked up by a giant boy.

After further encounters with a giant tarantula and a hungry cat, the captain and the female jetsetter passenger are captured by a professor and his aide who plan to dissect them. The other five, despite differences, band together to rescue them, their mission hampered by being later lost in a garbage dump and attacked by a vicious, giant animal. Seasons 1 and 2 bring forth many adventures for the lost space travellers and they encounter all manner of wierd and bizarre adventures.

Season 1 • The Crash • Ghost Town • Framed • Underground • Terror-Go-Round • The Flight Plan • Manhunt • The Trap • The Creed • Double-Cross • The Weird World • The Golden Cage • The Lost Ones • Brainwash • The Bounty Hunter • On a Clear Night You Can See Earth • Deadly Lodestone • The Night of Thrombeldinbar • Seven Little Indians • Target: Earth • Genius at Work • Return of Inidu • Rescue • Sabotage • Shell Game • The Chase

Season 2 • The Mechanical Man • Six Hours to Live • The Inside Rail • Deadly Pawn • The Unsuspected • Giants and All That Jazz • Collector's Item • Every Dog Needs a Boy • Chamber of Fear • The Clones • Comeback • A Place Called Earth • Land of the Lost • Home Sweet Home • Our Man O'Reilly • Nightmare • Pay the Piper • The Secret City of Limbo• Panic • The Deadly Dart • A Small War • The Marionettes • Wild Journey

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