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Updated: October 16, 2021

One of the most iconic robots in all movie history. Gort! Standing at a full-size 8' tall, this replica of the static filming statue is finished to perfection. Starting with a clean fiberglass cast, this robot spent months at a famous company that does figures for theme parts. There it was sanded and primed, sanded and primed and sanded and primed some more. Not being constrained to studio lighting, I chose not to go with the cheap spray can silver that the original Gort sported to avoid glare. Instead I wanted it to look as if it was real metal. We chose an early 60's Aston Martin automotive paint and laid on six coats, wet sanding and polishing between each coat, then three coat of a luxurious clear coat. The result is a finish that shines like platinum.

His front visor is currently just held in place with tape, in case I or someone were to add electronics to animate his head. Included is a custom made light circuit that mimics the light ray moving in his visor. You can finish it with electronics, or leave him in silent sentinel mode.

Fans of The Day the Earth Stood Still will know that there were actually three Gort robots made for the movie. Two were foam rubber suits, worn by Locke Martin, a doorman at Grumman's Chinese Theater. One suit had a zipper up the back for front shots, one had a zipper up the front for back shots. Then there was a static statue made for the shots when the robot remained immobile. This robot replicates that statue with all the detail of the original.

Value: $8,000-Up.

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