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Updated: January 06, 2022

City Beneath the Sea

By Bruce Fedow:

Panned by some and praised by others like myself, the Irwin Allen TV-movie "City Beneath the Sea" made its U. S. premiere on television in 1970. What began as a short presentation film for the benefit of the networks featuring different sets and actors was expanded to a two-hour telefilm starring Stuart Whitman, Rosemary Forsyth and Joseph Cotten.

The plot, as basic as it was, centered around Pacifica, a fantastic underwater city / colony threatened by an enormous asteroid in space and murderous saboteurs from within. Written by Star Trek alumnus John Meredyth Lucas the viewer may have expected a better script but the sets, costumes, and recycled special effects were outstanding, and it was a pleasure to see returning favorites like James Darren and Richard Basehart. Admit it-how cool was it to see Robert Colbert aka Doug Phillips in the Flying Sub-that is, aquafoil?

In Europe the television movie was released in theatres instead and often re-titled "One Hour To Doomsday". These photos are from the French lobby card set.

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