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Updated: February 10, 2022

Here is an absolutely amazing life size rubber bust of the late great Jonathan Harris as one of science fiction television's all-time best characters, Dr. Zachary Smith from the hit 1960's series Lost in Space. The lifesize head is made of heavy, thick latex and looks very natural and "alive" when seen in person. The paint job is excellent, with very realistic fleshtones and shading. He has high gloss eyes, carefully applied hair in a custom sandy brown / gray blend, hand-laid eyebrows and even false eyelashes for greater realism.

If you're a fan of this show, you'll love this super rare, unreleased display piece. It's so nice it looks like it belongs in a wax museum. It would look awesome on a mannequin body outfitted with an appropriate space uniform!

I'm not absolutely certain of the original source, but I was told it may have been a prototype sculpt that was considered for release as a collector edition mask or bust to tie in with the release of the big-screen Lost in Space movie a few years ago. It is a realistic human head size, which means it would have been a little small if intended as a wearable mask.

Maybe that's why they didn't release it. (A Dr. Smith mask was briefly offered but it was larger and made from a different sculptural design.) In any case, this piece was never offered to the public and only a very few copies were ever cast.

Value: $200.

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