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Updated: April 17, 2022

This beatiful litho was released by "Light Speed Fine Arts". This was a very limited edition in 1998 and is signed by the artist, Michael David Ward. "Also, Mark Goddard (Major. Don West) did a very limited signing on this litho!"

About the Artist: Michael David Ward:

Internationally renowned for his paintings of the cosmos, Michael David Ward doesn't view space as a dark and lonely place, but to the contrary, he sees it full of life and color. He pictures this seemingly foreboding environment as the inevitable destiny of mankind and his visions are reflected throughout his many works. He has also created many other images that include wildlife images and officially licensed commemorative works for Star Wars® and Star Trek®. Michael has been a sci-fi and astronomy enthusiast all of his life and was inspired by the art of many renowned classic space visionaries. After studying their work he felt that much of the imagination represented by the interpretation of the heavens was missing, there was a dry and academic feel to the many images he observed. He found that "Space Art" wasn't taken seriously, instead, it was utilized mostly in an illustrative manner, i.e.; text books, astronomy articles, etc. In seeing this Michael became determined to bring space art to its rightful place in the fine art world.

Many of Michael's space paintings or 'Spacescapes' are unique and unorthodox from the start because of the medium he chooses to paint on. A technique he calls reverse-glass. Michael utilizes plate glass as the canvas where he then applies many layers of paint on the reverse-side. This technique is extremely difficult to perfect because everything must be painted in reverse in order for it to appear correctly from the front side of the glass. Layer by layer the painting is created; first by adding the details and the foreground, then the background.

Michael, who is a self taught artist, has many reasons for painting on glass. To achieve the feeling of movement within his work, he sometimes adds solvents with paint and sets them afire. The flames explode into a swirling pattern of color and texture. Michael David Ward explains how difficult this technique is to accomplish jokingly he states "that's a little hard to do on canvas," this style he likes to refer to as "art flambe." To create further intrigue to his work, Michael often incorporates meteorite dust and other exotic materials in his paintings that enhance the textural qualities of the nebulas or planets. By adding materials such as these the viewer of the work is actually looking at a truly extraterrestrial work of art made partly from the materials that come directly from outer-space. "I often feel as though I am an alchemist when I am creating my work. By mixing the basic elements of the earth; air, water, and fire, together, I can create a work of beauty and power that can be appreciated by everyone."

To breathe life into the black of space Michael uses intense, vibrant colors to depict the nebulas and planets throughout his paintings. These colors are so vibrant that people often gaze in amazement at the wonder that he creates. "I honestly feel that people are truly captivated by my work because of the connection that all of us have to space and the universe. The gaseous clouds depicted throughout my work entitled "nebulas or star clouds" are formed from materials ejected from the explosions of super novas, the material that many believe to be the primordial material of life itself. These substances ultimately coalesces into solids forming other stars, planets and eventually sentient beings like ourselves. Thus we are actually made of the materials that come from outer-space and exploding stars, hence we are the children of the stars".

Space art seems to have come into its own in recent years and Michael feels honored that he has been able to contribute to it's popularity. " I have always looked up at the stars with a sense of wonder and curiosity. It is interesting to me how in today's growing technological society, with the popularity of sci-fi entertainment and the space shuttle program, people are taking the time to learn and grow from the universe, and that the interest is real and genuine . Never before have we as a humanity witnessed the level of space travel, probes and information. Each year we learn more about the universe. It is truly fascinating."

Michael David Ward's works and prints are collected across the United States and Internationally. He has created commemorative works for Lucas Arts and Paramount Studios for both Star Wars® and Star Trek®, all of which have appeared in limited edition prints and licensed products. His work has also been featured in prominent Marine and Wildlife exhibitions and one-man shows in Japan and throughout many galleries. Michael David Ward's work is displayed throughout numerous private collections, many of which are the well known celebrities of Star Trek® and Star Wars® such as Leonard Nimoy, Majel Roddenberry, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, James Doohan and George Takei. This biography comes from Michael David Ward's website -

Value: $200-Up.

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