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Updated: December 27, 2004

Ken Holland does the most detailed artwork in Lost in Space fandom. Every since I met him in high school I've always was amazed by the complex drawings this man has produced over the years. This is shown clearly by the covers and illo's done by Ken for the fanzine LISFAN which he stopped doodling when he went into the army.

Ken's Lost in Space artwork is well known for the detail he put's into the backgrounds as well as his renditions of the Jupiter-2 and the Robot. He also has done artwork for various other sci-fi related fanzines as well.

Ken hasn't done much drawing in recent years but these pieces where done by Ken just for this website.

Note: Many thanks Ken for donating some great artwork for our website. You have a great talent, don't waste it, continue your art skills. The fans truly appreciate your work here.


Robert - "Uncle Odie"

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