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Updated: April 19, 2022

We are proud to feature Artist Ron Gross incredible artwork on our website. Recently Ron has done some new artwork, and was kind enough to allow us to showcase it here on our website. Reminder that Ron's artwork is copy righted and is not to be copied or used in anyway without his written permission.

Blast-off into Space: This is my interpretation of what the lift-off scene might have looked like had they had the budget and modern technology in 1966. The landing gear deployment still doesn't make sense, but I rather like the fan explanation of assisting to push up out of the crater, which I believe is being represented here for the first time. Note that the gear is just beginning to retract in this scene. The composition is built around a basic photo of my scratch built J-2 from 1997.

Island in the Sky: Again, this is my interpretation of what the approach scene might have looked like had technology and budget been available in 1965. The two moons of Priplanus gave me an excuse to stylize somewhat. Again, the basis is from a photo of my 1997 scratch build.

J-2 Blueprint: This is a revised version of the 1993 master profile used for my scratch build. It has been modified for accuracy to the four-foot hero miniature except for the inclusion of the hatch.

Robot: This is my rendition of a scene alluded to in "There were Giants in the Earth," but never filmed. The "dark universe" version is a digital modification of the original. Either version could be accurate depending on the time of the encounter.

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