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Updated: June 21, 2022

These primitive dolls are apart of the "Icons" series by art designer Aristotle Allen. These pieces are called "Hipsters." This is an original piece of artwork. This is not from silkscreen or duplication. These cloth dolls were hand painted using acrylic paints on fabric and stuffed with poly fill. It depicts Dr. Smith, Will and Penny Robinson and as they appeared in the TV series Lost in Space third season episode 19 titled "The Promise Planet." They stand average 6 inches tall (Will's 5 inches) and weights 1 ounce.

The front and backs were machine-sewn. The dolls were hand-stitched closed on the bottom then overlaid with a clear coat of glazed sealant and signed by Aristotle Allen on the side. The dolls do not stand on their own.

Value: $300. (Set)

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