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Updated: December 13, 2023

"This was the 1st item in my collection, that started it all!" Issued by "King Seeley" in 1967. This lunch box has it all, from the Chariot, the Jupiter-2, the Cyclops, and even John Robinson flying on the jetpack. The graphics are one of the best ever done on a lunch box. Sadly, they did a space scene thermos bottle, that had nothing to do with the show.

It would have been nice to see a thermos bottle with the entire LIS cast in their freezing tubs. "I purchase this lunch box from a gentleman at the "Saulte to Irwin Allen" Convention held in Pasadena California in July 1997. After several months of phone calls the guy finally sold it to me. In 1998 I had Mark Goddard and June Lockhart sign the box. Now being sign by all ( 8 ) LIS cast members inside the box. My brother owned this lunch box when we were kids. It was stollin the 1st day at school. I begged my mom to go back to the store to get another one. We finally went back to the store for a replacement, but the store was completely sold out. I haven't seen this lunchbox for nearly 30 years.

I will treasurer this box forever!

Value: $800. ( Mind with all the signatures, $1,200. )

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