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Updated: July 09, 2022

Of all the weird looking monsters from the 1960s TV series "Lost in Space", the one who sent the most TV-watching American kids to bed with nightmares was the shockingly weird alter-ego of "The Golden Man", Mr. Keema. This is a super deluxe, very high quality lifesize prop replica monster head of the outrageous red-skinned slime-sweating mass of general hideousness who resembled the result of Picasso drawing a portrait of Aqua Teen Hunger Force's Meatwad.

It's a very large mask, which is necessary to stay faithful to the swollen, bloated-looking original prop. Head stands just under 18 inches tall, measures 15 inched front-to-back, and has a circumference of 45 inches! (No wonder this guy was so hateful: he was probably angry over how hard it was to find a hat in his size.) Since it's an uncut display prop (no holes have been trimmed for vision or ventilation), you couldn't actually wear it as a mask unless you cut the appropriate holes or slits in it.

Thick, super sturdy latex casting, finished with a slightly oily-looking, red paint scheme, creepy silver / black eyes, sprigs of stiff black hair and an overall look of overwhelming unpleasantness! Fantastic addition to any mask or sci-fi prop collection! Sculpted by the ever-amazing Mask-A-Tron.

Value: $250.

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