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Updated: July 09, 2022

Lost in Space Action Figures - Trendmasters Will Robinson Figure Released by Trendmasters under license of New Line Productions to coincide with the LIS Movie. The series also includes Major West, Judy, Dr. Smith, Tybo and the Cyclops.

A second series was planned to complete the Robinson family, but all production plans were canceled due to poor sales of the movie merchandise.

The doll stands about 6.5 inches tall. It is fully articulated and comes dressed in a silver flight suit based on episode #1, "The Reluctant Stowaway." It was marketed as an exclusive collector's edition, limited to 12,000 figures.

The action figures featured here are "Prototypes" and were obtained by an employee that worked for Trendmasters at the time. Note that some of the figures are incomplete and unpainted, such as hands, boots, faces, annd different colors in detail. Even the spacesuit inner lining is orange, not red as to the original costume. There are no markings or stamps on the figures. These are one of a kind, and very rare, seeing these were normally destroyed before production.

Value: $500. (Each)

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