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Updated: July 16, 2022

This is a super deluxe high quality lifesize prop monster head based on the bog monster (a/k/a "Uncle Thaddeus") from the "Ghost in Space" episode of the classic TV series "Lost in Space".

It's a large, slightly bigger than adult size mask, but since it is an uncut display prop (no holes have been trimmed for vision or ventilation), you couldn't actually wear it unless you cut the appropriate holes or slits in it.

Thick, super sturdy latex casting. Beautifully painted in mixed greens (haha!) with a combination of stipple and airbrush techniques, this is one of the ugliest monsters ever. His wide toothy scowl and single gleaming eye make him a perfect addition to anyone's nightmares... or mask collection or Halloween haunt.

Placed on a mannequin / dummy body with a ghillie suit, this would make for one unforgettable beast.

Value: $200.

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