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Updated: July 15, 2022

Japanese Lost in Space Tray Puzzle and original art by Koite Koide.

An amazing find! Puzzle is mint in bag as pictures. Lower left corner has the following text: (In Japanese) Space Family Robinson (In English) Space Productions 1966. Puzzle measures 10" tall and 15" wide, and has never been removed from the original thick plastic wrap. Puzzle includes attached header card with Japanese distributor Koide / Koite on it. This company manufactured and distributed numerous domestic and imported licensed school items such as notebooks and pencil cases, as well as young children's play toys, included a substantial number of puzzles.

The original art measures 12" tall and 18" wide, and appears to be multi-layered water color painted onto thick paper stock. There is no artist signature, and the painting back is blank. The paper and painting are in immaculate condition. There are no sign of wear, tearing, rubbing, paint loss, or otherwise.

Value: $3,000.

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