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Updated: June 09, 2023

In 1997 Trendmasters issued 6 original dolls on the classic TV series, Lost in Space. These are the first ever official dolls sold in the USA on the classic TV series. Trendmasters issued 4 out of the 7 cast member dolls, and two aliens that were featured from one of the episodes of the 3 year series. Besides the one eye Cyclops ( no surprise on this doll ) was also the famous of all aliens, Tybo the talking carrot. Actor Stanley Adams portrayed the role, that for most fans hated this 3rd season episode, "The Great Vegetable Rebellion".

The LIS cast laughed throughout this entire episode, that in fact Producer Irwin Allen docked Guy Williams and June Lockhart's pay, and wrote them out in the next week's script. The doll is made of great detail and quality, and a great collectible item for any Lost in Space fan. It was a shame that additional alien dolls from the series were never considered.

Value: $100.

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