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Updated: December 24, 2008

Built-up Chariot from, Moebius Models with added display stand. The Chariot color-scheme after the classic first-season B&W Television series.

A more retro-look with display-stand wWhich is 7X5-inch dimensions. Chariot 1:24 scale approximate 10-inches long / Chariot is not permanent to display. Doors open only on right-side of Chariot as per photos & with no curtains / hate the curtains look too-plastic shower curtains or as then it looks like a toy.

Made Chariot canopy clear on small-model looks more Sci-Fi & open to see interior details. The doors on this kit To make-open became tedious as pegs too short. One of the faults of kit so this time went with what would work.

Still displays beautifully & recommend to keep doors closed to dust-harzards! B-9 Robot in back commanding his post w/two laser-rifles back left corner.

Created by, Jerry VonMueller.

Value: $125.

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