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Updated: March 21, 2005

Lost in Space Jupiter-2 custom built 12-inch Polar Lights model Kit exterior painted silver to match the Original 60's TV-Show. Built from the chrome kit left the interior & landing gears chrome. Also includes custom-built mini-Robot & including the Johnny-Lightning-Chariot as is as seen in photos.

Space Ship top lifts off to view interior & left out bottom level to glue for more study & authentic fit. Makes a very spacie look with chrome-interior. Just for fun was just completed. The outer surface has been painted metallic-silver & interior left in chrome-plastic as it came with kit with no lower level. Displays nicely Also this kit is hard to build after chrome-plating was added to the original Jupiter-2 polar lights model as parts are hard to fit not for beginners etc. Finish is Handsome Contrast!

Another masterpiece by model builder, Jerry VonMueller.

Value: $250.

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