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Updated: August 06, 2022

This is the 16 1/2 inch two piece vaccum formed kit that was available in the early 90's. This particular hull was finished in 1992 and has aged gracefully with no cracks or breaks in construction. It was built in the method suggested by Lunar Models, consisting of stationary pins in the lower hull fitting and locking into matching holes in the upper hull.

The pins are supported by a ring around the circumference of each hull, which, in turn, is supported by vertical bracing, making for very sturdy construction. This method allows for the interior (a seperate optional kit) to be installed. Uprights for the interior have already been constructed and installed in the lower hull (see pictures). This model is finished in automotive quality metallic laquer, and can be buffed to a high lustre if so desired.

Jupiter-2 also comes with working animated rotational flashing fusion core lighting unit, also by Lunar Models, (a $90 accessory at the time), the power supply is in the form of 4 AA batteries, (not included). Great attention was focused on the construction of the lighted fusion core, and each window of the core is partitioned off so that there is no light bleed-thru from one flash of light to the adjacent windows.

Value: $350.

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