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Updated: September 05, 2022

"Bold In Concept...Brilliant in Execution" Tom Vaccina"s Jupiter-2 was a labor of Love, to him." when I heard that this was going to be Released, I flew to The Phone and called Tom Lowe, (President of Polar Lights) and begged him "please make it a 12 inch size, and not one of those God aweful 4 foot models that one would need a dinner table to display it on!!!. I also recommended that he bevel the top so it would be removable, instead of the entire Upper half coming off.

It seems that perhaps I alone was not the only one that recommend those points, since it seems Polar Lights complied with that. I bought half a case of them. Polar Lights did a mostly terrific job. I basically built my kit straight out of The box except for a few things. The flight couches (which most of us called "Park Benches) were horrible. I removed those and replaced them with accurate and in scale replacements from a company called "Skyhook Models", they put them out shortly after the kit was released. I also used some decals from another company that sold decals for this kit as well. They put out a vast amount of decals for the upper & Lower deck, but I only used some. Last but not least, another fellow collector manufactured a very limited set of in scale figures to go with the Jupiter. They truly made the Kit come alive. I am very proud of the results of my efforts, and I can finally say I own what I feel is a fine replica of my favorite Irwin Allen Space Vehicle."

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