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Updated: September 16, 2022

This is Alpha Control .. we are at 6 minutes 40 seconds and holding. We have encountered an electrical power failure in our computer at the Bermuda Tracking Station. 6 minutes 40 seconds and holding "Attention all Lost in Space fans, this is a custom made from scratch Lost in Space Launch Pad complex. These incredible detail master piece was made just like models used in films or TV, from styrene, metal, and the use of hundreds of pieces of real plastic kits. These complex includes the "Crawler" Incredible monster machine features an elevator for the astronauts and ground crew, 2 different access bridges, one that connects the middle section of the launching pad, and the one above it connects with the entry hatch to the Jupiter-2.

The model features 2 sets of led lights carefully hidden for more realism, antennas, elevator, fire extinguishers, pipes, hatches, and a bunch of detail that makes this model a real incredible realistic miniature.

It also includes 3 tall reflectors to illuminate the super spaceship, just like in the Lost in Space pilot, except that these pieces are made of plastic and metal, and have outstanding detail, batteries illuminate the reflectors on top.

The Cradle where the Jupite-2 sits, it was re-designed a bit to make it more resistant, beautiful, and efficient, it also features incredible detail, every ribbed can be seen, every panel, underneath it has all the details that make it even better that the original one.

The Spaceship, Yes it is the "Moebious Jupiter-2", but ... it was carefully crafted, and detailed in a very "discrete" way to make it more realistic, but not over done. The Interior was "customized" to hide the electronics, and at the same time to make it more "efficient" Pulsating blue lights illuminate the fusion core. If you are a serious collector, and are ready for a model more detailed than a filming miniature, well, this is your chance.

Building these project took more than 9 months, every detail has been taken into consideration, making it a truly and unique miniature, the change, designs and details of this model were designed by a real NASA Engineer, for added realism and functionality.

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