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Updated: September 27, 2022

The Jupiter-2 Model Kit is from the early 1980's from S.F.M.A. (Science Fiction Model making Associates), was made in the USA and is from S.F.M.A.'s "Classic Spaceship Series". S.F.M.A. went out of business by the early 1990's and was formerly known as EM Enterprises and before that Edlee Enterprises and were most likely the first manufacturers of Lost in Space garage kits. This 1/90 ??? scale (measures 6" in diameter) kit contains highly detailed vacu-forms molded in white styrene plastic of the Space Family Robinson's spaceship from the 1960's TV series "Lost in Space" and includes complete assembly instructions. The kit is packaged in a clear plastic bag that is attached to a header card measuring 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".

Featured here are 6" and 12" Jupiter-2 kits. These were a garage kit produced by Matrix Models in the early 1980's. There are vacuformed and made of white resin plastic. The kits were only two pieces for easy assembly. The hardest part on this kit was the sealing of the center of the two hulls. I was recently told the best way to do these kits is to use Krazy glue, delute it with water with baking soda. This will save hours of sanding, and more time painting this fun kit. This was one Jupiter-2 I actually built / painted when I was a kid.

Many thanks to "Henry Preatiss" of Southern PA for sharing this kit with us.

Value: $30-$40.

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