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Updated: February 24, 2007

Lost in Space 16-inch Robot with astrogator. B9 Robot custom Masudaya toy/model with special lights.

From: Classic famous 1960's weekly TV-series! Paired with Astogator from the Jupiter-2, custom built. Which measures 12-inch across desktop & 12-inch tall to top of Astro-Globe! The Jupiter-2 in Astrogator from Johnny Lightning set in center!

Robot second-season color-scheme customized beautifully painted & built-up!

All custom parts include:

Brain Highly-Detailed Carved-Out-Holes / Custom-ARMS Nice / Claws-Putty / Computer-Door Cut-Out Below Control-Plate Permanent Open-Look With Two Vent-Bars On Right Side Of Door / Power-Pac Circuit-Board / Control-Plate Square Buttons Each Square Enhanced Cut-Out Red-Plastic on Top of Buttons / Two-Big-Buttons Top of Control-Plate Carved-Out Replaced with Transparent Set Like a JEWEL So When Lite Light-Up / Red-Light in Chest / White-Lights in Head Show thur Carved-Out Brain Pattern / All Lights Blink. ARMS that come with Masudaya Kit have been Removed & Replaced. With These Custom soft Rubber-Coil added Foam & Bendy-Wire Postions-Well!

Much More Realistic & Moveable Life-Like! Fresh from the Planet Industro! All Custom Scratch Built-Parts make a Wonderful Lost in Space prop.

Robot Torso & Robot Platform Metallic Silver / Legs Anodrized Grey / Treads Matte Black. Paint Sealed with Matte Sealer Coat / Claws Red / Yellow+Red- Sensors. Lights Run on 8 AA-Battery-Pack Light-Switch On-Off between Back Lower-Legs / Batteries Included. Battery-Pack sits in Robot Torso taking up the space for badly done Robot Voice Box which is not authentic & part in Japanese-Language.

Shown BEFORE-Built by Unfinished Masudaya for Comparsion Not Included. PHOTOS w/Doctor Smith 12-Inch shows how Great the 16-Inch Robot & Astrogator Looks with the NEW Lost in Space figures!

Created by, Jerry VonMueller.

Value: $400.

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