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Updated: February 27, 2005

Here is a scene depicted from one of my all time favorite epiosodes from the classic TV series, Lost in Space. From first season (1965-66) "War of the Robots, featuring the B-9 Robot fighting off Robby the Robot from his early debut of Forbidden Planet fame.

This diorama was custom built and painted using the great Polar Lights kits. Later adding a molded terrain from train model molds using plaster, then sand with gravel and plant material, to make is look as much like an alien planet. The Robots themselves took alot of time detailing, and painting watching both the video and movie for the best detail. Sample door and hose on the B-9 was added for his one-time used smokescreen.

Both Robots are removeable from the base which is made of wood. The wood finished base is 14 inches x 10. The pictures do not do this piece justice. The base is very real looking, with real branches used for trees. The B-9 Robot's torso is poseable (rotates).

Value: $300.

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