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Updated: November 22, 2022

By Phil Lublin (Submitted 4/12/04)

Ron Gearing, the incredible artist who brought the "Keeper" to life back in 1999-2000. I first met Ron shortly after re-locating Lunar Models to Central California. Eventually, we contracted with him to create sculpts of future kit releases (since his specialty was in figure modeling) Ron completed corrections for all our large scale LIS figures as well as Spiderman, Jim West (1960's "The Wild, Wild, West"), and of course, the "Keeper" which has proved to be his best and most popular Lunar Models product.

In 2000 we began negotiations for a licensed figure of Col. Wilma Deering, which Ron completed a masterful sculpt. We took the sculpt to the Mad Model Party (where I met Robert Vanderpool "Uncle Odie" for the first time!) and displayed it to Erin Gray, Col. Deering herself! After some suggestions, Erin gave her initial approval and the final version was commissioned. Ultimately, however, Lunar Models was sold before the project was completed and the new owner apparently did not pick it back up.

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