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Updated: November 13, 2022

"War of the Robots"

Diorama by Gemini Model Build-Up Studios:

I was approached several weeks ago by a longtime Lost In Space fan who wanted a diorama based on the episode War Of The Robots. He had a built-up Polar Lights Robby the Robot which was done by another builder and wanted to purchase my modified LIS Robot which was posted previously on this site. He said he wanted something based on the scene at the end of the episode with the Robotoid and the LIS Robot doing battle. The finished result is shown here. I hope everyone enjoys it.


The Robby kit was built using the original kit parts depicting the Robot from Forbidden Planet. I had built one some time ago for another collector and fortunately had saved the extra “Robotoid” chest piece supplied by Polar Lights. I replaced the existing chest plate and drilled a small hole in the bottom to accommodate a laserbeam. The beam is made from a piece of clear acrylic rod airbrushed transparent red.

Lost in Space Robot:

The lightening bolts from the Robot’s claws are small tree branches from my spare parts box cut to size and filed to fit properly. They are painted yellow with white highlights and then coated with glow-in -the-dark acrylic paint. A burn mark from the Robotoid’s laser was added to the Robot’s body


I used a 9” x 12” oak stained wood plaque as a base for the diorama. The ground cover is a mixture of sand, water and white glue spread on the surface. The Robots are pressed into the sand to give the impression of weight. The diorama is “dressed” using rocks, small stones, railroad scenery supplies and more spare branches. The final detail isthe nameplate.

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