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Updated: August 06, 2011

This is the Johnny Lightning Jupiter-2 2-1/4 inch die-cast miniature with custom lighting added. The fusion core has 5 cool white rotating led's that have an option of being turned off separately and when done so the fusion rotates slowly to a full stop and after a few seconds the last led blinks off then buy using the same switch it can be turned back on for lift off.

If the master power switch is used then all features light up and the fusion core remains rotating until both that switch is turned off. The ships landing legs 'struts' where replaced with aluminum tubing and a brass center support so that the power wires could be soldered inside the ship and again inside the base, no wires are visible and the mounting to the base is very strong fir its size this little display is very sturdy. Two small slide switches are mounted on the back of the base and three AAA batteries is all you will need to blast off!

Value: $40.

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