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Updated: September 29, 2005

Jupiter-2 virtual tour

Video by Richard Taylor

Model by Ronnie Pendergraft

Launch pad scenery by R.C. Reddin

Production date 2 April, 2005

The 6th Lost in Space Pendercrafts video in the current series is almost 12 minutes long and is based in coco beach, just down the road from the apollo vertical assembly building. The first half of the video is a recreation of the first 5 minutes from the episode of "The Reluctant Stowaway". The tour itself lays out the details of the entire Jupiter-2, 3rd season spaceship from outside to inside, top to bottom. Nothing is left out.

After taping the audio from the original screenplay, I then shoot the video in 30 second increments, referring back to the video and timing the video clips with the audio. To make a 12 minute video takes about 10 hours, because the script is in my head and I want the right effect.

I am proud to share my work with all fans of the genre, and I humbly submit it for consideration in this months contest.

Rich Taylor C.E.O. "Pendercrafts"

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