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Updated: June 04, 2022

About a week ago I found this item on ebay. Most collectors passed this over figuring it was some knock-off but I bid on it and won because I knew it was really from the movie. At first glance it looks like a nondescript strip of cloth with some kind of Lost in Space logo that was not used in the television series or movie. But I had a hunch...because several years ago, also on eBay, I bought a book of artwork concepts for the Lost in Space film. These are not the original drawings mind you but 'laser scans' created by the New Line Studios when the film's intial success prompted them to briefly consider a cartoon series spin-off and the animators needed some images to work with. Sadly it never came to be but this book survived and wound up in my collection. Also included were about 200 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch images. Someone at the studio took a Chestley Bonestell "space" image and reproduced it, adding a unusual logo to complete the cover for this book. Each picture in the (huge) book is 11 x 14 and most are in color although there are some black and white sketches as well.

The blue strip of cloth I recently purchased is actually the same "Lost in Space" logo silk-screened for the back of a director's chair. Someday soon I plan to buy a director's chair and slip this beauty on.

The value of the back for the director's chair is about 20 dollars and as for the book, probably about 200 dollars.

Bruce Fedow

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