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Updated: June 25, 2012

From a series of Comic books, novels, paperbacks based on the remake Lost in Space TV series. The New Journeys #1 titled, "Robotworld". Released for the over sea's market in 1998, written by JJ Gardner. Novel consist of 100 pages, and sold originally for $3.99 in the US. Very cool artwork cover!

(Brief out line on this reading:)

Is the Robot Gone forever??

As the Robinson family travels through space, ten-year-old Will suddenly picks up a signal from a nearby planet. Before he can decipher it, the family Robot goes berserk and programs the Jupiter-2 to land. There, the crew discovers an alien planet ruled by Robots. These Robots want something - the Robinson's Robot!

Can Will and his sister Penny save the Robot - and the rest of their family - from being taken over by a planet full of alien androids? Or is everyone doomed in the Robotworld forever?

Book #1 in the continuing adventures of Will, Penny, the Robot, and the Jupiter-2 crew - Lost in Space!

Read book #2 - The Passengers

This was the first I've seen of this printing, and quickly purchased it on eBay on December 31, 2004.

Value: $20.

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