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Updated: June 25, 2012


The crew of the Jupiter-2 is ready to chill out, so when they spot a beautiful blue planet, they decide to touch down. They couldn't have picked a more perfect place. The planet closely resembles Earth. There's plenty of oxygen, abundant fruits and vegetables, even clean water for swimming. And no inhabitants. Or so they think.

Shortly after they land, Will discovers they aren't alone. Mysterious ghostly creatures called Morphs occupy the planet. Are they friends - or deadly foes? Is this the final destination for the Robinson family? Book #6 in the continuing adventures of Will, Penny, Robot, and the J2 crew - lost in space!

Read all the books in this exciting series: Book #1: Robotworld Book #2: The Passengers Book #3: The Perils of Quadrant X Book #4: Journey to the Planet of the Blawps Book #5: Warriors

Value: $10.

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