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Updated: November 05, 2023

About the Design:

When "re-imagining" the Jupiter-2 for the 2018 reboot of Irwin Allen's 1960s "Lost in Space," the producers seemingly melded the classic LIS flying saucer with Han Solo's Millennium Falcon to create this somewhat gawky hybrid.

In the new scenario, the J-2 was not an interstellar vessel, but one of 30 similar short-range transports designed to ferry passengers to and from the much larger "Resolute" mothership, a massive FTL spacecraft designed to carry hundreds of colonists from Earth to the burgeoning human settlement on Alpha Centauri. Like the earlier TV version, the new J2 had full sleeping quarters, galley, a scientific laboratory, engineering workshop, and a massive garage housing a "Chariot" landrover. But unlike the original J-2, this version was actually large enough to accommodate all these compartments.

About the Kit:

Mastered by Alfred Wong, this all-resin kit was released by Fantastic Plastic Models in June 2022. It consisted of a large hollow-cast body plus main engine details, optional landing gear, and four optional landing rocket extensions.

Value: $40.

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