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Updated: April 18, 2005

Received this e-mail on April 4, 2005 with these photos. Thanks Pierre, and there's more to come too....

My pleasure Robert, I enjoy visiting your website it's awesome. I sent you a pic of my fullscale Robot that I did 2 years ago, and pics of the making of the torso that I made myself with cardboard, the claws and the wrists also made with cardboard.

Recieved this e-mail and updated photos from Pierre on 4/9/5

Here's more pics of me, first one is a old videograb from 1994 with my first Robot, before I had any blueprints, videos and internet. Almost everythings was done with cardboard, even the fullsize walls of the J2 are cardboard.

Then you have me now with my Robot standing in my living-room, I'm holding a wonderful Remco toy that I painted silver, and Nick the parot that you also have, beautifully made by a friend from Montreal.

Also enclosed are pics of my Robot's wrists, claws and the brain, and a closer looks of the torso. This year I'll try to go to one of your B9 convention which I would like to meet the B9 members that I watch on the web. That's it for now Robert, hope someday I have the chance to meet all of you.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate you posting my pics on your website.


Pierre Delisle

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