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Updated: July 22, 2023

This is a color copy ( of very few made ) of a quality-rendered image of the popular character Proffessor John Robinson, the beloved father of the Space family Robinson, and the leader of the Jupiter-2 expedition. The character, as well all know was portrayed by the ruggedly handsome and dashing actor Guy ( Zorro ) Williams. To our knowledge, this piece may have never been seen by Lost in Space enthusiasts before....until now!?

The color Xerox copy of the original Paul Zastupnevich hand-colored, pencil and ink drawing, measures an impressive 8 1/2" wide by 14" tall. It depicts John Robinson standing with fists clenched in his beautiful and colorful 3rd season velour costume. To the left of the costume design drawing and Guys head, is a color copy ( that looks like a photograph! ) of the actual cloth swatches approved by Paul Z. and Irwin Allen for the fabric used to tailor Guys costume!

To the right of the image of Williams head, it states:


To the right of William's shoulder, it states:

"Cosmic Grey… Asteroid lime green… Satellite orchid… Black belt… Black boots."

To the left-hand side of the bottom corner of the original drawing, there is a pencil thumbnail drawing of the crotch-snap device, that Paul had designed to be sewn into all of the males tunics in order to keep them from wrinkling during filming and always appear form-fitting.

Value: $100. ( Copy ) $1,000. ( Original )

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